Paga launches Agent Aggregator Scheme

Posted on August 15, 2012


Paga, Nigeria’s leading money transfer service launched in February 2011, today announced the launch of PAAS (Paga Agent Aggregator Scheme.)

The home-grown money transfer service founded in 2009 by [Tayo Oviosu] @oviosu, in its drive to maintain number one spot in mobile payment in Nigeria is calling on interested parties to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to participate in PAAS.

The company is poised to expand operations nationwide and fundamentally change the way Nigerians think about moving cash. This we believe would help them meet the aim set about a year ago “ to have at least one Paga agent in every community and on every street corner in Nigeria”

PAAS is a mutually beneficial relationship whereby parties (Aggregators) that meet certain strict requirements may be appointed to recruit and manage a network of Sub-agents in specified locations. Paga will provide the Aggregator with the needed training and support to achieve their goals.

Aggregators would be responsible for recruiting, training and managing a network of Sub-agents in assigned locations across Nigeria. Paga enables a significant new line of business for any retailer – by becoming a Paga agent, retailers will attract new customers to their existing locations and also earn a commission from every Sub-agent’s transaction they perform.

As an aggregator you will receive bonuses, incentives and support from Paga’s Marketing Team to drive transactions at Sub-agent locations. Business planning, training, strategy advice, and tools to consolidate and manage your network of agents with other support from Paga and affiliates to ensure growth and sustainability of your Aggregator business.

Paga works on even the most basic SMS enabled phones and on all mobile networks, so users have the liberty to access their Paga account regardless of what handset or mobile network they use. Even more, recipients do not need to register on Paga in order to collect cash sent to them – they can simply visit a Paga agent or partner bank to get their cash.

The deadline for submission of EOI is Friday, 14th September, 2012. See the Expression of Interest (EOI) document for submission instructions on how to become an aggregator.

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